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Do you need a lawyer?


Consulting a lawyer at an early stage of the case leads to a better outcome

Trials and managing other legal matters often require using a lawyer. Contacting a lawyer at an early stage of the process usually gives you the clarity and empowerment to move forward confidently and with purpose. It also ensures that you can avoid possible procedural or other mistakes during the process.

We deal with assignments in most legal areas. Our specialities are criminal cases, taxation, immigration law (including asylum and residence permit processes) and other administrative law matters. We also assist our clients in dispute resolution and family law issues. An experienced lawyer will take your personal situation into account and defend your rights through the process.  

All the discussions with your lawyer are confidential.

Feel free to contact us and we will find the best possible solution to your problem. We run our practice in collaboration with other lawyers who are specialised in various fields of law. You can always find the right specialist via us. Most of the meetings with our clients can be arranged virtually (e.g. over phone, Teams or Zoom).


Public legal aid and legal expense insurance often help to cover the costs

In trial matters and for example in many immigration law cases you may be entitled to free legal aid at the state's expense. In these cases you may use a private lawyer of your own choosing. In certain situations the suspect in police investigation or the defendant in criminal trial is guaranteed an advocate at the state’s expense, regardless of their financial situation. Your lawyer will then defend your best interests and rights during the police investigation and/or during the possible court process (trial).

Also the victims of certain serious crimes may be provided with a legal counsel at the expense of the state, regardless of his or her financial status. Your lawyer will then help you to get a fair compensation as a victim of a crime.

A legal expense insurance may also cover the lawyer expenses. We will assist you to find the most suitable solution for you.

Our office is located in Helsinki, but we serve our clients everywhere in Finland.

Feel free to call or send an email.

Our lawyer chat on this website is also available in English. Please check the chat icon at the bottom of this page.
Lawyer, doctor of laws
Dr. Mikko Laapas
Lawyer, Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) with court training, Msc. (Econ)
Licenced legal counsel

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